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tv   Hardball With Chris Matthews  MSNBC  June 15, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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won't share with anybody. who teaches their kids to be selfish like this. this is insanity. this is all projection. this is what they think, remember they said about obama, he is trying to indock try nate the kids. all right. thank you for watching the show. "hardball" is next. 7 pm good evening, i'm crist matthews in washington. leading off tonight, the peggy lee primary. it turns out republicans took one look at the party of seven that showed up on monday's debate and said in the words of
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the great peggy lee, is that all there is? rick perry, jon huntsman and rudy giuliani are all asking the same questions, and tonight how many pressing their noses to the glass will actually get in the race, and how little they think of the field right now. plus president obama, sticking with our music theme, an associated press story today suggested the thrill is gone. o. yeah? we have results from a poll that defy that. also why are republicans sounding more and more like doves. are they souring on the wars in afghanistan and libya? have they lost their fervor? or just against anything that president obama is for. and ladies and gentlemen, the comic stylings are the inimtable mitt romney. not at all. he's no shekky green. we start with the 2012 republican field, such as it is. chuck todd nbc political director and chief white house correspond, and susan page is washington buyer row cleef for usa today. we have brand-new matchup numbers in our new poll.
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let's take a look at this. he only leads by six. it was 49-40 in february. president obama leads pawlenty, who seems to be fading 50-37, but it was 50-31 in february. here's the preference among republicans. followed by palin at 14, herman cain, the godfather pizza guy at 12. ron paul at 7, and gingrich, amazingly still at 6. let me go to this whole question here. if you look at these numbers that somebody pointed out, you have 34% of the republican electoral basically saying they're for people who aren't really in the running. perry who is not running for texas, cain not an establishment runner. >> for sure. >> and palin not running at all. >> that's right. >> so, in other words, the preference is for what isn't happening. >> that's right, some call it the tea party conservative. it's certainly the pop you list
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conservative. whatever you want to call this group, it's not the establishment. you lump those three together, that's 34%. romney's got more strength, and this poll shows you he has more strengths in any of the conservative pin elite will lead you to believe. he hayes all sorts of potential problems. you can see how it could come apart, but he starts with more strength than i think we sometimes give him for. first of all, rick perry, already polling at 8. tim pawlenty is polling at 7. that's not good for him. >> he wussed out the other night, too. >> here's what's fascinating about herman cain. there's fox viewers and non-fox viewers. among fox viewers, cain is 18, and among non-fox viewers, he's sort of a conservative cable phenomenon. >> we're looking at sort of the
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george well party, the party you recognize. paul lenty already in, romney in the lead, that's sort of the george well, the usual republican party. is that the republican party today? or much more of a tea party? >> no question much more of a tea party. there's still a faction that's a significant size more conservative on fiscal -- but the energy of the party, where is that? some of them not traditional at all. much more aggressive stance and much less likely to go along with the next guy in line tradition. >> when i look at guys like romney, i admit he's a nice fellow. pawlenty seems regular, and i don't know huntsman, but everybody in the media seem to like him. but they're the guys who run for stay tuned council president for
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every year in their life. it's the obvious candidates, not the exciting tea party times. here's new jersey governor chris cristy, former u.s. attorney, last night on cnn stirring the pot. let's watch this fellow. let's listen. >> who do you think right now is the best option for your party to take on barack obama? >> i don't think we have a best option yet. >> who most impresses you personally? >> a lot of them impress my personally, but none of them have emerged in my mind as the best option. when one of them do, i'll say it publicly. i'm not ready to do that yet. i don't think any of them have yet distinguished themselves to say this is the best person. >> that reminds me of mario cuomo. he would sort of review the candidates and this guy is boring, you know, what do you think of this guy, christie playing king maker. is he the head of the boys' club now? they sit in their clubhouse,
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hallual barbour, and say this year it's george w., and they're fishing around, meeting with rudy and perry. what's that all about? >> rudy has been telling people quietly that he thinking no one can challenge romney and thinks romney is going to be the race. >> what is he, a sparring partner? in other words he's willing to go up against it just to make work for it. that's so condescending. >> they met with perry in the morning, then lunch with christie. you know that lunch had to be awkward, right in rudy was the guy with all the mojo four years ago and now christie -- >> why are we wasting time with giuliani? i winter to school with guys like him. he's pro-choice. he can never be the nominee for the republican party, ever, ever, ever. am i right?
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>> look how badly he did last time. that was four years ago, closer to 9/11. more out of the sync with the party now. >> its think it's more of stirring the pot. >> to what effect? what do they want to have happened when they keep having meetings and going on piers morgan. why? >> i go back to rom any. there's something that the elites -- you have different factions, right? look at rush limbaugh, protecting pawlenty from the media criticism. >> is that what he's doing? >> that's what it looked like this week. >> do we know what it is about nobody knows what it is. >> we know last time around the other candidates didn't like him. >> why? what is his problem? bad breath? i'm just kidding. what is his problem. >> it was the --
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>> and willing to use it. >> it's the campaign manager. >> and -- >> that tells you -- >> that they're going to run a tough campaign. if i'm jon huntsman, don't think that you're going to have an easy time and you're going to have easy times being -- trying to pretend you're 9 alternative to romney. >> is this like we used to play as kids, king of the hill, a guy is on top and everybody has to try to pull him off? >> that's the way it's looking today. i think that happens in every primary. >> the best thing that could happen for romney, is if the conservatives got behind one of these guys. that would scare some of the establishment republicans back to backing romney. >> i don't see any role for giuliani? what's his role as a candidate? >> i don't think he does have a role. >> what about huntsman? to the left of romney? >> yeah, yeah. i think it is to the left of romney. it's like a more likable romney. he hayes credentials, you can envision him in a debate. >> here he is. tuesday in new york. let's watch the new guy on the
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block. >> is anybody listening to this broadcast? >> no, there's only a few hangers-on here. >> since we're in select company and there aren't a lot listening in. i intend to announce i will be a candidate for the presidency a week from today. >> hey! [ applause ] >> my family looks shocked and surprised, of course they are. i hadn't told them yet. >> that seems a bit plastic. is he a candidate, he can actually go places? to the left of romney? >> i wouldn't call it to the left of romney. i would cause it he could really hurt romney with the business community. the business community isn't all in with romney, they should be, but huntsman has a good background, and he has this background of working overseas, understands the china market.
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that matters to ceos. july 15th for me is such an important date. that's when we'll find out how much money romney raised. if he raised $50 million, that will keep a rick perry out and scare a huntsman. if it's $30 million, it won't scare rick perry. >> this is perry on fox last night. >> you have kind of like the chris christie phenomenon. very popular. still popular but not nearly as popular within your state. >> a prophet is generally not loved in their hometown. that's both biblical and practical. >> i think your biggest coupe was getting carl's jr. who did you entire the burger guy with? >> freedom. freedom. they love the smell of freedom. >> was that a new testament reference? you don't say that about yourself, i think. >> well, that's what makes perry a fascinating figure to watch. this is a guy that can coal bien tea party and social
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conservative language. they're constituencies that overlap, but they're not the same. you're able to fire up both of them, and he becomes a candidate of both, with money? you know, i used to not think of him as a viable nominee. i now -- i now can see how he gets the nomination. >> i remember the late patrick moynihan would complain, how come nobody puts me on their list. he was a great man, but had that academic inflection -- never mind. why is rick perry all of a sudden being talked about after all this years? >> it's hard to run for president, and you have to put yourself out there. he hasn't done that in the past. it's just been the last couple weeks that he's entertained this as being the possibility. >> let's look at gingrich's numbers. they have tanked in a new poll. there's something -- i thought he looked in a particularly can tankerous -- >> he hates the format.
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he's been asked to speak in 15 seconds. he's annoyed. >> did the jewelry or the greek trip kill him? >> put it all together. >> all the strange lifestyle -- >> it's death by a thousand -- >> last night jennifer said this, something could blow us away, this perception about the republican party being somewhat centrist and conservative, when this fact it's moved to the right. could a michele bachmann, admittedly not without historical information accurate sometimes, but put on a good show, be very good in debate. could she go to the conservative heart and say embrace your heart, i'm a true conservative. i'm the real thing, he's not. could she win the new hampshire primary and blow him out of the race? >> if jon huntsman is still in, all the these guys splitting the establishment vote.
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>> she's also female, too, and that may be a factor. >> the irony is you have a real smart pollster, i think it was in politico, where she said, hey, you moderates there's a bunch of conservatives in iowa running. it's the exact opposite in new hampshire they think -- and guess what? you might be leaving room for a conservative. >> i think she's got it. she's excitesing on the stage. i look at her. >> what do you think? you hear the woman thing. gender and politics, no other women are running for president right now. the thing that struck me at the debate, was what a natural she was. she looked much more relaxed
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than romney or gingrich. >> you're absolutely right. the rest of them looked uptight. >> never underestimate the power of internal faith. if you have real faith, you have power. thank you, chuck todd. thank you, susan. it's more powerful than all the frauds in this business who pretend to be somebody who's not. somebody who knows who they are, look out for them. we have new poll numbers for president obama. he's still making history. the people are sticking with him. actually in better shape than what you think would be. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. pain relief that works at the site of pain... up to 12 hours. salonpas.
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well, here's a piece of good economic news for president obama and the country. the price of gasoline is dropping, down nearly 30 cents a -- gasoline topped over $6 a gallon in may, but the average is down to 3.69 in some places. experts say the slide could continue throughout the summer,
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this campaign can't only be about me. it must be about us. it must be about what we can do together. this campaign must be the occasion, the vehicle of your hopes and your dreams. >> coldest day in history announcing his bid for the presidency. as he gears up for the reelection bid, how does he recapture the spirit? especially when americans are concerned about the economy and the jobless rate. joan walsh and sam stein, thank you both for joining us. i want to show you some numbers. president obama recently told donors in miami it's not as cool to be a supporter as it was in 2008 with all the posters and
7:19 pm
all that stuff. that's a statement that's true manifestly. the bump after the death of bin laden was temporary, as most of us figured it would. this month in our poll he's back below 50. just 29% believe the country is in the right direction. 62% think the nation is in the wrong direction. joan, you know, most of the time when you have that telling number about right direction/wrong direction, a lot of us believe that's the key number in politics. but yet he's in pretty good shape compared to that. he's not in great shape, more popular than unpopular, but those numbers about the state of the country are so devastatingly bad, something is holding him up. >> yeah, you know, a lot of people have been talking about an intensity gap. i'm not sure i see that yet, but i think we have to come back to something fundamental about the beginning of his compare and
7:20 pm
that wonderful clip, chris, which is, you know, obama assembled a once in a lifetime political coalition, a electoral coalition. he did not assemble a governing collision, and my friends who think of ourselves as the democratic base have something to brag about. turnout among young people, african-americans, union members really high. but at the same time he also had that magic with the posters and everything else. that's not a governing coalition. the other wants activism, problems solved, and then the vast majority in the middle very worried about the state of the economy. versus though two parts of your coalition makes it hard to move decisively in one direction or another in solving the problems
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of the economy. so -- we're not getting solutions on jobs imgts i buy your assessment completely. sam, in the past smart leaders could taking the seggies from the south. the minorities who did vote back then, and kept them as one big happy coalition, even if they met each other, they probably wouldn't like each other. this president hasn't been able to produce the sort of susan eisenhower people, and the real hard-nosed people, a lot of them who watch our show. you know. he hasn't shown any genius in coalesing those forces. >> i think the key in '08 is not that he just brought -- he brought so many first-time voters out to vote for him. those people will inherently not be engaged. the key to getting reelected is tapping those people who came to the polls the first time in '08 and making them second-time
7:22 pm
voters in 2012. >> somehow i got on the list. i got this dear chris, signed obama, this endless stream, we're having a party tonight, can you come in all this sort of earnest i love it, but will that do it for him? >> i don't know. he did an amazing job. i got that too, chris. >> that's right, the dinner request. >> only $5, then a lottery -- they'll put me in a lottery. >> we don't contribute. don't call me next time. >> don't call me, but i like to be on the list, just like you do, because i see what they're
7:23 pm
doing. they had a timing problem with that particular e-mail, chris, and sam, i'm sure you're thinking the same thing. there was a big story where he was having a dinner with all his wall street buddies. >> there you have it. the conflict. >> those small donors, you are the backbone of my campaign. that was never true. he was the candidate of wall street. >> those e-mails are meant to raise money, what's more telling is what they'll be doing in terms of staff on the ground. >> they want organic meet-ups going. >> let's go to the reality check. >> there's a big thing saturday in san francisco. they want people out. >> i keep thinking of the phillies. they have great pitching. nobody pitches better than the president. where are the bats? i worry will they have the -- i'm talking about the ununemployment r5i9. boy are they loyalists. like the way things are going? wow, 54% obviously don't. when you ask people how they think the economy will fare, it
7:24 pm
joan, your thoughts here -- sam, your thoughts here. first you. it seems people can't keep being pez mystic about the world they're in and optimistic about this president. won't there be a crash? >> there's an inherent contradiction. what's hurting the white house more than that is they're out of tools. they can play the debt reduction game, but they'll only by repaired to republicans. >> well set. >> they need something else to turn to saying this is what we're doing. they need something top turn to to say look at what we're doing. so far, nothing. >> do you agree, joan, that they have to come up with something that unleashes the housing market? even if you have to inflay the economy to do it, whatever the technique, they have to break
7:25 pm
things real 4ri before they break it politically. >> i happened to believe that, but i don't see i don't see it happening. i do criticize on this front. at a certainly point they bought to the framing. all polls show that people care way more about jobs than deficit reduction. there's no way to reduce it anymore that much doesn't affect jobs. we are shedding jobs. >> i know. i agree. >> once he's bought into that particular frame, his hands are tied. >> build, baby, build. >> right. >> i think the progressives all to be saying that. just as the far righters say drill, baby, drill. build, build, build. highways, bridging. bilow close everything, and fix it. >> there's so many things. >> i don't get it. >> it's not just progressives, but the chamber of commerce wants infrastructure spending.
7:26 pm
>> we've got to go. we should sigh the cranes up and highway crews out. thank you, sam stein. joan, we agree completely on these things. up next newt gingrich thinks about his staff. he's blaming everybody else for him. wow, stick around for that. he belongs there in the sideshow right there. you're watching "hardball," only on msnbc. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted. it was in my sister's neighborhood. i told you it was perfect for you guys. literally across the street from her sister. [ banker ] but someone else bought it before they could get their offer together.
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back to "hardball." now the sideshow. first up, it's not you, it's me. that's now newt gingrich is explaining the breakup last week with 16 senior members of his campaign staff. >> i'm for an idea-oriented campaign at the grassroots that builds a momentum so big that we pick up a dozen senate seats and 30, 40 house seats. mime campaign consultants understood 30-second attack ads. they didn't understand you could write a book with big ideas. you could campaign with big ideas, and they found it made them uncomfortable. stay on fox with that argument. my hunch is people saw where they were being taken, on a newt ride. next up, talk about stealing the show. yesterday texas governor rick perry gave a big speech in new york. the hitch -- his introduction by yardian angel curtis slewah. bizarre doesn't begin to describe it. >> governor perry, if you take
7:31 pm
the plunge, let me warn you. the pitbullterriers will be siced on you. all governors fancy themselves as being the next president of the united states, whereas we know texas tea is a state where you can actually go and get a job. >> nbc's andrea mitchell reports that governor perry had no idea his introducer was going to say all that. how could he possibly have told him he would do it? say cheese. the former john edwards shows the former not with an inexplicably wide smile given the circumstances. you would think it was a photo op rather than a booking. by the way, i think these charges are trumped up. up next, more republicans are coming out against the wars. usually they're hawks. now they sound more like doves. are they against anything
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i think you'd actually have to be there. two of the most important are energy security and economic growth. north america actually has one of the largest oil reserves in the world. a large part of that is oil sands. this resource has the ability to create hundreds of thousands of jobs. at our kearl project in canada, we'll be able to produce these oil sands with the same emissions as many other oils
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and that's a huge breakthrough. that's good for our country's energy security and our economy.
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>> another major milestone on congresswoman gabrielle giffords's road to recovery. she was discharged from the hospital today and she will return to her husband's home in texas to continue treatment on an outpatient bases. the white house announced initial announcements on libya. because there are no american boots on ground the president can direct the mission without congressional involvement. the new york state assembly is about to vote on a bill legalizing same-sex marriage. if the measure makes it through the senate new york will be the sixth and largest state to legalize gay marriage.
7:36 pm
tens of thousands took to the streets in greece regarding taxes and its crumbling economy. a slow down under northest manufacturing took a heavy toll on the mashlgets the dow tumbling 175 points. thank for watching. now back it "hardball." when the president made a decision to go into libya, our phones were ringing off the hook. why and how are we going into libya? >> welcome back to "hardball." that's walter jones, one of ten lawmakers, 3 democrats and 7 republicans, who today filed a lawsuit against the obama administration.
7:37 pm
and that the gop debate this week, a clear theme of anti-interventionism on foreign policy came through loud and clear. have republicans become more dovish or do they just want to oppose anything the president is for? tim johnson, one of ten who filed the lawsuit. and pat buchanan is an msnbc analyst congressman, thank you for coming on up. for years we got used to the republican party being more hawkish. how does your position fit in with that sort of theme or that history. >> i have a long history of versus opposed our intervention in the middle east. i opposed the surge, and quite frankly still think the surge was a mistake. i have a long history, together with walter tones and a number of democrats, of having been more than skeptical about a war that we can't win, that costs us lives and trillions of dollars.
7:38 pm
so this is not some johnny come lately position for me. i've had a long history of opposing what i think are failed policies. >> maybe you should tell your colleagues, that you are in the tradition of republican conservatism, noninvolvement in areas that shouldn't involve us. pat, that is the position. >> sure is. >> goldwater, bob taft. generally that's been the position. >> it goes back to washington and jefferson, we say out of quarrels where our interests are not imperilled. we did so all the way up to the war against spain, you could say, in which the united states grew into the greatest country on earth while the europeans were tearing themselves apart. >> let's take a look at a couple questioning congressman, while we have you, it seems to me you heard these stories about the intramurals and obama administration that led to us getting involved in libya.
7:39 pm
what do you think about the case that was made that if we didn't go in there there would be a slaughter of humanity and blamed like we were blamed in rwanda for having stood aside and let that happen. >> i think that case was made, but not convincingly, chris. i believe that the case was made only very tangentially. there was no absolutism, and there was a very, very vague reference to what the ultimate result would be. so i simply believed and believe now that we can't continue to act on a variety of premises as a basis for american intervention around the world. one of the recent speakers that congressman paul's thursday luncheons analogized this doctrine to the bush doctrine of preemptive nation building. this is a preemptive humanitarian intervention. well, who knows whether they
7:40 pm
would have occurred, but there are over 200 countries in the world and most don't share our principles, and it's simply not possible, manpowerwise or financially to act as the world's policeman. >> let's take a look at mitt romney. here he is on afghanistan, and michele bachmann on libya at that big debate this week. let's listen to both. >> it's time for us to bring our troops home as soon as we possibly can, but i also think we have learned that our troops shouldn't go off and try to fight a war of independence for another nation. only the afghanis can win independence from the taliban. >> should the president have supported, joined additional more presence? is that the right thing to do? >> no, i don't believe it is. our policy in libya is substantially flawed. first of all, we were not attacked. we were not threatened with attack. there was no vital national
7:41 pm
interest. >> you know, it's interesting, gentlemen, and congressman especially. i'll start with pat. you're well known as a noninterventionist guy, you're a paleoconservative, not a neoconservative. four years ago, every time ron paul made a noninterventionist comment, he was booed down and ridiculed by giuliani. the whole room would mock him. that seems to be a total change in the mood this time. >> you're exactly right. but remember when they had the phone-in polls after the debates, all of a sudden fox news, what's going on? ron paul won the policy. there's been a tremendous and growing anti-interventionist move. it goes back to taft and barry goldwater. people listened to ron paul respectfully to his opinion, and all of them are moving toward his opinion. >> congressman, your colleague was a voice in the wilderness.
7:42 pm
he was an old traditional conservative. why is he now more in fashion? >> it's amazing how things evolve. i spoke in support two weeks of the kucinich resolution. i made this challenge to republicans and democrats. to my republican colleagues, i made this point -- i challenged them to understand that if they're serious about debt reduction, that you can't take things off the table, including defense, when we've had in excess of trillions of dollars expended in the middle east, and you have to balance the budget, those are counterintuitive. and i made a challenge to my democratic friends that if they are opposed to war and the loss of innocent lives and american men and women, that's just as applicable to an obama administration as -- >> congressman, would ronald reagan have taken us into iraq in 2003? >> absolutely not.
7:43 pm
>> he would not. he used military force three times. grenada took about a day. he took out libya -- >> and another problem. >> and he put the marines in lebanon and said it was the worst mistake he ever made. he would not use force until american vital interests were imperilled. >> jon huntsman joining the campaign next tuesday says -- if you can't define a winning exit strategy for the american people where we somehow come out ahead, then we're wasting our money and strategic resource. boy, congressman, again to you first. that is an astoundingly strong statement for a guy who's only entering the campaign and trying to get his footing. >> absolutely. the wheel dynamics have changed. >> let me tell you why. >> the war's gotten long. >> 6,000 dead, 40,000 wounded, $1 trillion invested. secondly, we're broke. we can't fight these wars anymore.
7:44 pm
we're borrowing money to defend europe, borrowing from japan to defend japan. it is over. >> i can't wait to read the republican platform next year and see if you're anti-war after all or hawkish again. thank you very much. up next, is it hip to be square? if it is, mitt romney should be a shoo-in. wait until you catch his humor. thises "hardball" only on msnbc. ♪ it's hip to be square ♪ it's hip to be square ♪ it's hip to be square hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices? sadly, no. oh. but i did pick up your dry cleaning
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7:46 pm
months of treatment her cognitive abilities and strength have improved to the point. she no longer needs to stay in the hospital. amazing. they have no doubt she'll continue to make significant strides in her recovery. great for her. she'll continue treatment now on an outpatient basis. we'll be right back after this. [ male announcer ] bridgestone is using natural rubber, producing products that save on fuel and emissions like ecopia tires... even making parts for solar panels that harness the sun's energy... working on social activities like clean up programs on beaches in many locations... and regional replanting activities that will help make a better world for all of us.
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innovation for the planet. innovation for all. ♪ mitt romney comes off as a poised and confident fellow. you may see he's always in control on the campaign trail it's a different story. watch here as romney pretends that a waitress has just grabbed his backside. it was yesterday at a new
7:49 pm
hampshire diner. >> ride in the middle. get my arms around everybody. oh, much closer. my goodness gracious. >> i think he did it -- it's so corny, so yesterday, but so funny. i'm sorry. he looked like he was grabbed from behind. is the awkwardness endearing? "the washington post's" dana milbank, very good at figuring out these realities that make the difference. we were talking about al gore during the break, blew the lead -- or gave bush ash with that geeky performance. he walked up to the guy and said the stupid comment to bush and got in his space. >> i think there's a lot of similarity there, in that mitt romney has a bit of that al gore disease. they look and feel like human beings, but they don't seem to relate.
7:50 pm
it's not that odd in a sense they both have very powerful fathers, grew up in this rarefied environment, and they have trouble with the chitchat. >> they were all on football e both have a little trouble with chitchat in the diner. >> they both were on football teams and hung out with the guys and knew how to do it. i'm going to ask you something about romney. it's spontaneity. a friend of mine ask a canadian pollster. you need to have spontaneity. if you can't react to a surprise event and have fun, people can tell that. you need to have fun. >> i was following him yesterday. i got this constant feeling like he's struggling and trying to find -- he sees a guy shopping in a hardware store, and he says, are you shopping here? >> here's romney at a martin luther king parade back in 2008. let's watch. >> who's got your camera, though? >> i got the camera. >> who let the dogs out? who, who. thanks, guys.
7:51 pm
>> what do you think of that? that's normal. that's how i behave. i just put my arm around people, laugh it up, get the pictures taken. i'm not a celebrity like him, but i love having fun with people when i meet him. >> i guess he wants to look like he's having a good time. >> it looked like it there. >> have a good time. i saw him in one of the diners, and he hugged the proprietor. instead of saying good-bye, he said, you should put your eggs benedict in hub caps because i wanted to make a pun on there's no place like home for the holidays. he said, there's no plates like chrome for the holidays. she was like, ha. >> here's romney again. we're being very unfair here. let's go. >> i'm a big game hunter. i've always been very clear, a rodent and rabbit hunter, small var mints, if you will. and i began when i was 15 or so, and i've hunted those kinds of
7:52 pm
varmints since then, more than two times. i also hunted quail in georgia. so it's not really big game hunting, if you will, or it's not deer and large an l mas. but i've hunted a number of times, various types of small rodents. >> what is he festus haggis, gabby hayes? varmints? you can check most people's vocabulary in the history of television, and they've never said varmint on television. >> if i recall what happened there, he said he'd been hunting, that he was a sportsman. then he realized, uh-oh, i never had a hunting license. so he said, how do i get out of this? he took the varmint route, which takes you back to this oddity. >> he's got a strange story. i don't judge people by small events, but it is fun to do this. he and his family took one of those trips me and my family went on. you go to the closest thing to europe, you go to quebec. you go to people that speak french, and it's like going to
7:53 pm
europe, but a lot cheaper. he goes to drive to canada, but he puts the dog that people sometimes travel with, we did, on the roof. here he is with the dog on the roof. so here he is in 2007 telling a bizarre anecdote about strapping the dog to the family station wagon for a 12-hour ride. here is chris wallace trying to figure it out with him on fox. >> question, what were you thinking? >> this is a completely air tight kennel and mounted on the top of our car. he climbed up there regularly, enjoyed himself. he was in a kennel at home a great deal of time as well. we love the dog. it was where he was comfortable. we had five kids inside the car. my guess is he liked it a lot better in his kennel than he would have liked it inside. >> at least they didn't put one of the kids out there. first of all, it's air tight of the that's a little scary. thank you, owner, 12 hours without air. then he says i think he liked -- what's the great line? i'm pretty sure he -- my guess is he liked it a lot better. how does he know what the dog likes?
7:54 pm
first of all, most people think they're going to have cartoons of this. the dog won't be in the kennel. the dog in the cartoon will have his ears flopping and flying in the wind and tied to the roof. >> who knows if that actually occurred or not? maybe he was trying to tell a joke, and it went awry. you can see it in his face when he says something he knows is going to get him in trouble. he was looking at the long skirts by the middle aged waitresses, and he said, oh, it's just like hooters. >> i can't go any further. dana milbank, it's great having you on the show. when we return, my thoughts about republicans thinking about crashing the party. they're not happy with the party list. [ banker ] mike and brenda found a house that they really wanted.
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let me finish tonight with the intrigue on the right. how right is the republican party? is it too right for pro choice rudy giuliani to even think about getting in? so right that jon huntsman for civil unions and climate change is wasting his time joining this jambor jamboree. too right even for mitt romney? is new hampshire too right for him? this is the question for 2012. has the rightward shift of the republican party gotten so advanced the mainstream analysts have lost track of it? we heard this view last night on request "hardball." this is what got me thinking. suppose the republican party, strengthened by the tea party, goes with its heart, not with its head. what if it feels the pull of
7:59 pm
michelle bachmann and backs her not only in iowa, but in the primaries as well. in 1996, president bush did pull an upset against front-runner bob dole. the new hampshire voter is no longer the moderate republican yankee, but is much more like the angry anti-tax republicans of the tea party nationwide. an awful lot of people have moved to the granite state to escape the taxes in massachusetts. they are tough, pro life, and anti-tax, and they might just find romney just too darn bland. they might find michelle bachmann has the same feelings as they do, the same beliefs, the same conservative gut that they do. here's a reality check. is the republican party the party of george f. will and the senior george bush, or is it the party of the tea party? my evidence from 1992 right through 2010 is that the temper don't rock the boat approach of the establishment conservative has lost out to the loud, passionate, let's go for it


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